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Monday, 20 June 2011

Trance-Formation of TNA: Slammiversary

These are my post PPV thoughts, this is not meant to be a card report but just comments on creative, or lack of it, and the direction(s) of TNA.

We want TNA to prosper not be devoured and spat out by Vince (like he did to wcw)...

If you've got HDHD I've highlighted important bit in bold.

James Storm/Alex Shelley vs. British Invasion (Magnus/Doug Williams)

Tne British Invasions entrance kind of highlighted where TNA is with their creative dept. or should we call it 'lack of' creative - maybe it's 'cause I'm a Brit but the gimmick just looked like somebody realised before the match the British Invasion were wrestling - where was the Union Jack attire? Why were they given the title match anyway, when did they last wrestle again?

If wrestling matters then why was Magnus in the match at all? Where is Rob Terry - a future TNA MVP - potentially a monster heel ala Scott Norton.

Doug Williams looked good in ring but its difficult to understand why he was previously given so much mic time?

Scott Steiner vs. Matt Morgan

Two guys with solid characters and gimmicks, save for Morgan’s stupidly named finisher “the Carbon Footprint” – global warming’s running wild on you brother!

TNA X-Division (X-treme) Title Belt: Abyss vs. Kendrick??? vs. Kazarian

Anyone got an idea why Kendrick is here, not in the title bout but in TNA really – future star Jay Lethal gets pushed and Kendrick gets pushed, in a different way of course, go figure!

Remember Fortune? That worked didn’t it, there is goes then. Btw, need to rename them Fourtune and please please the same fingers!

This reminded me about the TNA title picture – devalued is a good word – in the last while we’ve had Global title, Legends title, two world titles, X Division/X-Treme, TV title – the point of titles in that they mean something, if they don’t then the matches don’t either, then neither does the organisation – TNA fail.

Crimson vs. Samoa Joe

Super strong style, wrestling really mattered here for sure, awesome. Only issue here was the finish, Joe might as well have KO’d Crimson and pulled him on top of him to lose it. What’s happens to Joe’s stock, are wwe after him? How many future starts have to go until TNA smells the coffee, or is it the fowl stench of Vince’s aftershave?

Mickie James vs. Angela Love

Apparently Mickie James can sing, why haven’t we heard from this from TNA? Fail. While I quite like the weird Winter thing, and esp her theme music – the best in TNA I am still trying to find the Beautiful People – silly me, they were one of TNA’s biggest selling points – better shelve that then! On that subject I would bring back the Von Erich girl as Love fits better in the zombie role.

Bully Ray vs. A J Styles

Superb match, no complaints at all here. Would like to see A J as a in ring performer only and limited on the mic though that’s unlikely to happen with better mic performers being limited by pushed A J.

World title: Sting vs. Mr Anderson

Reminded me how much I liked the old Sting gimmick. It’s a bit controversial, but I’d like to see Sting having a permanent gimmick change or at least a haircut. The A$$hole is superb but not really a TNA creation; he is what he is… an asshole.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

This is a blueprint, not Matt Morgan but a blueprint for a good old fashioned feud – whatever happened to them? Jeff Jarrett is keeping TNA relevant but the company needs more than JJ.


Some superb matches (you know which they are), it’s really not all doom and gloom, this was a great PPV, problem is TV builds PPV heat and buys and TNA TV rarely builds anything except apathy.

TV studio PPV feels really unspecial (it that a word?), not sure why we aren’t booking a decent venue – surly it could be sold out?

Still massive concerns over where the talent sits, is Joe getting fazed out, when will Kendrick be fazed out, you can take Magnus too! BP – holla if you want them!

>phew< No Hogan, only thing worse than having him as a heel is having him as a face – looks like it could be on the cards to hurt TNA further. >Whoooooorried look< where is Flair?

Jason Smith
Director: Trance-Form Business

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