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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

WTF: Drugged up

I was watching some US TV and the following advert caught my attention - thought what a great spoof!... and the US doesn't really do spoof that well save for the late Leslie Neilson...

Actually it was deadly, and I emphasise the word deadly... serious!

Ok, so this advert is aledgedly for a anti-smoking drug which apparantly targets the brain, alarm bells... code yellow

Hang on, might have been a bit quick to jump, they're actually giving us safety information! Some people had changes in behaviour, agitation or hostility??!! Depressed mood and suicidal thoughts (!!!) while taking this. Two question really. Is it really worth taking this drug given the fact that you might very well become hostile towards your family, then get depressed and finally kill yourself - although the drug would actully achieve it's objective as you'd be unlikely to smoke again unless you fancied cremation! Question 2 would be, how the fuck did this sh!t get on the market? Answer to 2 is, doesn't matter because you cannot by law sue pharmaceutical companies.
I jumped at the right time.

Comment: You don't say!
Yeah better check in with your dealer.. sorry Dr for their thoughts - which might be tricky considering they have probably never obtained their Phd in Drugs.

Again another plus point for the product, mouth swelling might make smoking more of a problem!... severe swelling of the throat again might sort out your smoking addiction for ever!

Do people really "buy" this stuff? or is it just me?