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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dear Dixie

Trance-Formation of TNA

What a great surprise – the Bound 4 Glory Series, a points based round robin series, so long overdue. Exactly the right move – proves that a title shot matters! Only thing I would do is have an actual round robin final (much like wcw Starrcade ’89 if you remember that?), probably top 4 at Bound4Glory, winner gets the title – obviously we’d have to have a vacant title. This ‘series’ should be an annual event bound4glory.

Destination X is to be an X-Division event! Again right on the money. With so many PPVs around, not just TNA, each PPV should really have its own branding – X-Div, Hardcore, Cage, tournament etc – this makes each event special.

In this respect then, TNA is bound for glory. Let’s see more of this.

Was Heyman right when he said there are too many ‘legends’? Yes he was. It certainly detracts from them. Was he right when he called for ‘just one legend’, no he wasn’t, while I agree we shouldn’t see the legends calling the shots and taking all the spots a couple or three legends would seem feasible providing their storylines where pretty different. I also like legends in non wrestling capacity – you’re not going to train charisma – personally I would see Flair in wrestling management, he can sell an angle or star on his own, everyone around him would benefit too. Steiner has a role to play for me, his airtime is gold, Desmond Wolfe is an asset also but possibly a bit lost in Xplosion – but there’s lots of scope for a global angle bringing him to iMPACT!

One gimmick away for stardom – Rob Terry. Contact for more info.

While I do think Gunner has potential, his intensity is addictive, his packaging is not good – with his background as a marine this image could be a massive heat and merchandise plus. Not sure why he’s being pushed at the moment, does anybody ‘care about him’… yet?

Save for the Jarrett/Angle angle there’s not much to make you want to follow the soap. Wrestling can still matter if storylines are running through the great matches – don’t forsake the storylines as people watch wrestling for different reasons – wrestling matters for sure but you also want to know where your favourite star is going, how is he going to get there, what will he decide to do. You must leave the viewer wanted to know something…

Stings intensity is immense – he almost made Hogan relevant when he painted him. On the subject of Hogan he adds nothing to TNA and takes quite a bit in return – it’s time he went, let Sting retire him and his tired old ideas with him.

Bischoffs character doesn’t make sense for TNA, he’s the bad guy yet he’s being pushed in ring as a face – it’s not working at all. The ‘network’ angle doesn’t really make sense, doesn’t matter, either. The nearer you get to Bischoff and Hogan and less things work. The remedy then is obvious. I try to be fair and for Bischoffs he actually came across as quite charismatic (in his discussion with Anderson) – vocally (not sure if it was by design) he sounded like agent Smith from the Matrix! He might be useful then, but his gimmick/storyline? would have to be better defined to work.

Wrestling and storylines matter!

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