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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Trance-Formation of TNA: Destination X

Looking at the TNA brand and how it is and isn’t working...

TNA Destination X

Really like the PPV “X Division” branding. It makes it special with just X stars, 6 sided ring etc. Lets hope we’ve got this branded PPV because TNA thinks it’s a good idea and not because TNA are trialling the idea. The whole concept/ brand looks polished and makes sense – a blueprint for other TNA PPV.
The heat and feel of the event was hurt by being at Universal Studios rather than a real arena, it feels better to have a proper crowd with real wrestling fans rather than people who chant the same things repeatedly – I don’t understand why you can’t sell out an arena for a PPV?

Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe

Makes me wonder if the wwe is after Joe and somebody in TNA is preparing Joe to go, much like they did for Jay Lethal? How far do you have to denigrate a great before he decides he wants out? Didn’t Joe used to be ones of the faces of TNA? People say the people who pull the strings at TNA don’t have a plan, I think they do, but it certainly isn’t a plan in TNA’s interests a lot of the time, but there are enough things happening to keep them around.

Doug Williams vs. Mark Haskins

I’m big on pushing young talent, but not debuting them on PPV as a rule. PPV debuts should be saved for defections and returns of big stars. British Invasion gimmick needs a overhaul but like the stable.

Generation Me vs. Eric Young & Shark Boy

Can anybody define what Generation Me are? When they debuted the Christian babyface image was good but since then the whole gimmick has been utterly confused. Only one question you need to ask, does anybody ‘care about them’ – answer, probably not because to care you have to associate and to associate you have to know who they are. Eric Young is just another gimmick gone wrong. On the plus side great to see Shark Boy back, a throwback to when TNA actually understood what a gimmick was, not every star can be an icon or a main eventer but every wrestler must have something – Shark Boy does have a solid gimmick but then I’m a bit of a parody nut. I could have a field day with the SharkBoy gimmick! Gen Me could be the new ‘rockers’, they are supremely talented. Why would a makeshift team go over Gen Me? Answers on a postcard to ‘I don’t understand Creative’...

Ultimate X: Shannon Moore vs. Robbie E vs. Amazing Red vs. Alex Shelley

Love the concept.
Shannon Moore – good gimmick but believe it’s him, Mooregasm – dynamite. Even like the team ‘Ink Inc’ – nice midcard team
Robbie E – Decent gimmick but unsure why he had a monster push, should only even be mid card, at best
Amazing Red – he’s amazing, great underdog gimmick, like him as short reign champion
Alex Shelley – the best until last, think Stunning Steve in WCW, think Chris Jericho on Nitro – Shelley should be the next, he needs mic time! Will he get pushed or be dealt, pushed to wwe for them to use him?
So Alex wins! – Right then, time for a huge push – right to the top!

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

More evidence that if you’re only going to keep a few legends then RVD must be one of them. Got me thinking though regarding feuds, save for the main eventers there don’t seem to be many meaningful feuds with different stipulated matches – not only does this build the characters but it saves great matches so you always have dream matches in reserve.

Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Low-Ki vs. Jack Evans

Which match graves the most interest tonight? Well this is it. Why? Because it’s new, it’s different. Your product most always be new, be fresh, be evolving. With a contract on the line this match really meant something.

What did we learn? (1) more than one athlete deserves a contract, certainly Aries and Evans. (2) gimmicks aren’t as important for lightweight wrestlers as their ability is often their appeal – that’s not to say they shouldn’t have decent gimmicks which could elevate them further (3) the crowd tells you when a match is good (4) Austin Aries is a wrestling god much like a Malenko or Benoit, it is right that he got the contract. If TNA don’t sign Jack Evans then they are lunatics.

X Division title: Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick

Wonder if Abyss is also confused with his 100 character changes, he should be a monster heel, simple. This is no reason for Kendrick to be in TNA let along a title match, virtually everyone on this card brings more than Kendrick – to be a main eventer you either have to be ultra over or ultra talented, Kendrick is and never will be either. Notice crowd response – it was dead. Liked it that Abyss didn’t sell any of Kendrik’s shots. Kenrick wins title, didn’t you know that was going to happen – what an absolute disaster for TNA, massive huge fail – TNA have elevated the most meaningless person to the top of the X Division – the perfect way to keep TNA down.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

While this is a good match, how did CD get here? Who has he beaten to attain main event status. For this reason the match doesn’t make sense, at least build the man up. Good match but didn’t mean anything apart from the fact that main events don’t mean anything in TNA.


Highlights: X Divison band really worked, 6 sides ring. New X stars. No Hogan. Jack Evans.
Lowlights: Anything involved Kendrick. Joe gets jobbed again.

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