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Monday, 19 September 2011

Trance-Formation of TNA: Hardcore Justice (2011)

Dear Dixie,
Again this is meant to be constructive critisism, while the company is driving in totally the wrong direction it is very easy to turn around the bus - I am just here to try help you with the navigation. Of course sometimes you also need to change drivers, they might just be too tired, though it seems they are on the wrong road - whether by mistake or by design.

TNA Hardcore Justice

Knockouts tag title: Tara & Tessmacher vs. Sarita & Rosita
Not really much point in this one.  There should be a reason for bringing a team together, can’t see one for the prior team.  The Mexican girls are hard to care about, surly more could be done with their gimmick – I’m thinking a Shakira type look, The Mexican America thing just isn’t working, it’s proving useful to make one of TNA’s top prospects in Hernandez irrelevant – he doesn’t make a good heel.

Bound 4 Glory scoring (leader board) is shown.
All you need to know if that Devon (doesn’t even have a proper gimmick!), Gunner is joint 5th, Scott Steiner is 8th and Samoa Joe is last with it looks like minus (?) 10 points.  This series could have been used to promote the top technical wrestlers but instead they’re being killed for the prelim talent – again this delavues all TNA talent.  This could have been the precursor to TNA’s version of King of the Ring.  It looks to me as though this ‘series’ does not have any proper format the the matches/stips are randon, again devaluing the whole concept which is essentially a good idea.

Bound 4 Glory match: Pope vs. Devon
Devon has what i would call negative charisma.  On the oposite side of the charisometer Pope is so over, amazing behind the mic.  Devon got a little heat from the “studio” audience.  Pope rightfully got the win.

Knockouts title: Mickey James (c) vs. Winter
Mickeys attire looked real good here, much more marketable.  Winter has got to be the most interesting women in TNA, her theme has/will become legend.  Good decision to give Winter the title, might generate some interest in the women’s division.  Winter could easily be utilised as a manager/valet going forward, lots of potential there for angles etc.

Thank goodness Austin Aries interrupted Kendricks interview.  Aries has it all.

Bound 4 Glory match: Crimson vs.  Rob Van Dam
Having qualifying matches for an upcoming PPV – does that not devalue this PPV?  I would have put Crimson in a squash match ala Sid Vicous.

Fortune vs. Immortal – six man tag
Wish they’d change the spelling of Fortune to Fourtune, even the fingers looks silly – looks like they’ve got arthritis in their fingers J, I’d like to see a reverse 4 horsemen fingers.  After a good start to the faction, Fortune have regressed  - they don’t seem to have a mission, they are struggling also because they don’t really possess mic skills now Flair is gone. 
6 man tag made it feel even more like a TV show – who is booking this?  You get wasters like Devon and Kendrick in singles action  and real talent like Styles and Kaz get lost in 6 man tag.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray
Both of these guys have been pushed as heels, strange booking again.

Tag Team title: Beer Money vs. Mexican America
Welcome one of the brightest lights in the creative darkness that is TNA – Beer Money!!  I’d like to repackage Roode as Fourtune’s enforcer – Double R.  Hernandez needs to be in a singles star, being in a team dilutes his talent – the first Mexican Heavyweight champion could be a nice storyline and I think he would come out of it bigger than wrestling – a good squash feud with Anarchia, who actually comes across as a decent heel, would be good start. BEER MONEY – this could also be merchandise heaven, the potential is limitless.

TNA World title: Sting vs. Kurt Angle
Why would you turn Angle heel when there is talk of him trying out for 2012 Olympics? – another desition which raises suspiction, it isn’t really possible that this could have not been considered by TNA management.  This is a golden oportunity that should be grabbed with both hands by TNA – this one ‘angle’ could raise the profile of TNA more than everything that has gone before.  Just in case you liked the match Hogan arrived to remind us all where TNA currently is.

Considering this was ‘hardcore’ justice where were the hardcore matches and hardcore stips?
Having qualifying matches for an upcoming PPV is such a poor idea, makes this PPV seem inferior, felt like a TV Special.
 Studio audience is really annoying, it feels cheap and you can tell the crowd don’t care.  Gunner and Daniels ‘fell’ on to a table, no move was executed, and the audience said ‘holly shit’??
Booking was shocking.  Was somebody in TNA doing an exercise to see how few buys they could generate?
More oportunities lost, or I would suggest delibratly ignored.
I’m afraid there was little to take from this PPV offering, other than it being a blueprint or how not to market and book a event.

Jason Smith
Trance-Form Creative
0775 882 4649

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