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Monday, 10 May 2010

Fantasy Football 2009/10

The season is over and the Top 10 is below

Univar Fantasty Football League

1 Annihilators Jason Smith 2518
2 Stay Tooned Eric Brownsword 2275
3 Always next year.... sean kelly 2171
4 Very Offensive Jason Smith 2102
5 bantam boys Lee Burke 2088
6 New England XI Jon Burge 2051
7 Dudley Hill FC Sean kelly 2045
8 showtime matthew smith 1990
9 IHS Matthew Sykes 1970
10 The Chuckle Brothers Steve Sykes 1959

I finished with a phonomenal 2518pts
I was ranked 118th out of (Total players) 2,316,895

My second team finished 4th in the league and also won the Univar Fantasy Football Cup.

Manager of the Month Awards below:

Month Winning Manager Winning Team Points Scored
August Jason Smith Annihilators 255
September Sean Kelly Dudley Hill FC 203
October Eric Brownsword Stay Tooned 283
November Jason Smith Annihilators 218
December Eric Brownsword Stay Tooned 370
January Sean Kelly Always Next Year 269
February Sean Kelly Dudley Hill FC 272
March Jason Smith Annihilators 332
April Jason Smith Annihilators 284
May Jason Smith Annihilators 183

I won Manager of the Month a record 5 times (August, November, March, April, May)

Bring on the 2010/11 season! Boom!

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