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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Speaking engagement: UKIP 'Bin the (smoking) Bin'

Saturday 25th April, 2pm

I spoke at the Painters Arms, Drighlington regaring the UKIP Bradford 'Bin the Bin' campaign.

"First they came for the people who wanted to smoke in pubs, I did not speak out as I do not smoke. They then came for the people who refused to sign up for an ID card; I did not care as I had an ID card. They came for the people who could not afford to pay their pay-as-they go road tax; I did not speak out as I always pay my taxes. Then they came for me, and there was nobody left to speak out for me!
Quote: Jason Smith

So far the campaign has hit the followng pubs and has also extended further than the Bradford & District borders.

New Furnace Buttershaw Bradford South
Beehive Buttershaw Bradford South
Waggoners Buttershaw Bradford South
Cap & Bells Buttershaw Bradford South
Kingshead Low Moor Bradford South
Drop kick Low Moor Bradford South
Royal Low Moor Bradford South
Mail Coach Low Moor Bradford South
Northern Low Moor Bradford South
The George Low Moor Bradford South
Nags Head Queensbury Bradford South
Stags Head Queensbury Bradford South
New Dolphin Inn Queensbury Bradford South
Halfway House Queensbury Bradford South
George III Queensbury Bradford South
Old Dolphin Queensbury Bradford South
Junction Wyke Bradford South
The Crown Wyke Bradford South
Oddfellows Hall Wyke Bradford South
Oddfellows Wyke Bradford South
Brown Cow Wyke Bradford South
Prince of Orange Halifax Halifax
The Swan Lockwood Huddersfield
The Lockwood Lockwood Huddersfield
Lockwood Con Club Lockwood Huddersfield
Lockwood Lib Club Lockwood Huddersfield
The Fountain Newsome Huddersfield
The Fleece Cullingworth Shipley
The George Cullingworth Shipley
The Guide Inn Harden Shipley
The Golden Fleece Harden Shipley
The Station Harecroft Shipley
The Ling Bob Wilsden Shipley

14 pubs have so far returned petitions, totally 546 signatures. We expect that figure to grow quickly as petitions continue to flood in!

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