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Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Freedom Pledge

Today I launched the Freedom Pledge!

This group, pledge is not affiliated with any political party or group.

By signing the Freedom Pledge you agree to the below:

• I shall not vote for any politician, either local or national that supports any policy or law that infringes on my individual freedom.

I think everyone can define for themselves what policies and laws work against their freedom.

The aim of this group is to define which politicians work for us (Libertarians) and which work for themselves (Authoritarians).

There is no left or right today in politics, it is an illusion.
There are only libertarians or authoritarians.

This group is not intended to be party political. Any party political ‘broadcasts’ and negative comments directed at any specific party will be removed. We accept that there are good people in all parties. Our aim is to support any libertarian politicians and appose any authoritarian ones.

I would encourage everyone to post details of any impending freedom eroding legislation or any such legislation that has already been passed along with details of how MP’s voted.

Please also feel free to post names of any libertarian or authoritarian politicians and your reasons for their characterisation. These can be debated on the group and we can then compile a database of true libertarians and authoritarians and share this information widely.


The intention is for this group to grow as large as possible and spread these basic principles
“Vote politician before party”
“Support libertarian, appose authoritarian”.

The only way we can turn back the eroding of our freedoms is to ensure we will not accept any politicians that refuse to protect our freedoms.

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